Resource Library

Resource Library

Access to agreement templates and other business resources developed or approved by the Association

License to Occupy Template Updated 2020

Members of BCLCA have access to the template but is IMPORTANT that members obtain independent legal advice regarding whether this Agreement satisfies their personal or business needs and to be aware of the BCLCA disclaimer.

The revised short form agreement assesses occupancy at a daily rate for a fixed period of time and is intended for seasonal extended stays (summer or snowbirds) less than six months.

Vehicle Storage Template 2021

Members of BCLCA will need to tweak certain elements of the Vehicle Storage Agreement Template to customize the document for use at their specific site.

Please note we have included the regular disclaimer at the bottom of the contract stating that BCLCA makes no representations or warranties regarding use of the agreement template and that members should seek their own independent legal advice prior to using the template.

Cancellation Policy Bulletin Produced 2022

The purpose of this bulletin is to provide general information to members on the law on cancellation policies in British Columbia and provide guidelines on best practices for their implementation. Excerpts from the BPCPA referenced in this bulletin are included as Schedule “A” at the end of this bulletin.

This bulletin is provided for general education purposes only and is for the exclusive use of members of the British Columbia Lodging and Campgrounds Association (“BCLCA”). The BCLCA makes no representations or warranties regarding the use of this bulletin and encourages members to obtain independent legal advice regarding whether their contracts and cancellation policies comply with the law and satisfy their own personal or business needs.


The Supreme Court of Canada has confirmed that waivers are an effective risk management tool to limit exposure to liability for participants in sports and recreation activities.

As such, a registration waiver is often used for guests to sign or accept online when making a reservation at a campground, RV park and resort as well as sent with their confirmations. The waiver should be used with caution and after review by the businesses lawyer to be amended to their particular business situation and risks.