Camper's Code

Camper's Code


The campground industry invites and welcomes first-time and seasoned campers alike to come and enjoy British Columbia’s beautiful backyard; but, Know Before You Go – a little planning can keep you and your family safe and preserve our environment for future travellers; and please learn and practice the Camper’s Code to educate your family and others to help us all camp responsibly.

Camper’s Code – Take the Pledge.

The Camper’s Code has NINE simple rules that are easy for ALL campers and RVers to follow that make experiencing the outdoors better for everyone: 

  • Plan ahead, be prepared, and take safety first.
  • Respect your camping neighbours by keeping noise levels low and adhering to posted quiet hours.
  • Respect wildlife – Do not feed or approach wild animals. Instead, use binoculars to observe from afar.
  • Control your pets – Know where your pets can go and keep them under control.
  • Take photos only – Nature and all its glory are for everyone to enjoy. Please leave natural objects undisturbed and where they are – like mushrooms, flowers, and wood.
  • Practice fire safety – In the current forest fire climate, respect nature and when possible, use a propane fire.
  • Store food safely – Food and scented items can attract wild animals. Always store food in a wildlife-proof container or hard-sided vehicle.
  • Don’t litter – Littering is not cool in the natural environment under any circumstance. If there are no garbage bins around, be kind and pack it out!
  • Staff and signs are here to help and keep you safe. Please adhere to their guidance and everyone can recreate safely.
Take the Pledge.