BCLCA's License to Occupy Agreement

License to Occupy Agreement

In 2014 the BCLCA developed two License to Occupy template documents for use by the membership one for use by extended stays in campgrounds and another for longer stays in parks. 

In 2020 a license to occupy ruling in favour of RV park residents in Surrey resulted in the Residential Tenancy Branch updating Guideline 9. Tenancy Agreements and Licenses to Occupy. 

This decision prompted the BCLCA board to review the 2014 license agreements with lawyer Lisa Mackie, Alexander Holburn Beaudin + Lang LLP to ensure that they were up to date.

As a result, BCLCA now recommends the use of only one License to Occupy template recognizing that the longer a person stays in the same housing, the more likely it is that the housing arrangement will be considered a tenancy.

The revised short form agreement assesses occupancy at a daily rate for a fixed period of time and is intended for seasonal extended stays (summer or snowbirds) less than six months.

Members of BCLCA have access to the template but is IMPORTANT that members obtain independent legal advice regarding whether this Agreement satisfies their personal or business needs and to be aware of the BCLCA disclaimer.

The License to Occupy template is available in the Member Only area for access by operators.