Learning Centre

Learning Centre

Main sessions from 2021 Ideas Forum – photo and topic overview with link to recording – see https://bc.mycampcon.com/highlights/ for format and ideas.

2021 Spring Webinar Series – photo and topic overview with link to zoom video recording

Webinar 1 – February 16th, 2022 – 44 BCLCA members gathered at the Webinar and Town Hall on February 16th to hear from BCLCA Directors Barry Burko, Whispering Pines RV and Tent, Mara and Tammi Midgley, Sheridan Lake Resort, Lone Butte provide advice about do and don’ts of Cancellation Policies.

Barry and Tammi did a fantastic job on the importance of having a strong cancellation policy and answered many operational questions from the participants.

To watch the recording of the webinar and town hall proceedings:


Passcode: ^5=rR51X

Webinar 2 – March 16th, 2022 – thirty BCLCA members gathered at the second Webinar and Town Hall on March 16th to hear Liddie Sorensen share the results of the BCLCA 2021 Occupancy and Rate Survey plus Kimo Linders, En Route Travel Canada discussing Re-capturing International RV Business.

To watch the recording of the webinar and town hall proceedings:


Passcode: 91eiLk^9

Webinar 3 – April 13, 2022 – more than 20 members took part in the webinar and listened to Lynda Foran, Safety Officer and Laura Gibbons, Safety Officer, WorkSafe BC discuss the regulation concerning bullying, harassment, and violence in the workplace.

This was followed by a Conflict Resolution session “Preparing and Responding to Challenging Guest Interactions” from pre-check-in to departure and beyond – with Andrea Hinck, Director, Industry Training plus Lonnie Burnett, Industry Health and Safety Specialist from go2HR.

It was extremely informative and here is the link of the recording for all BCLCA members to access:


Passcode: 8Z28wy!5

Webinar 4 – May 11th, 2022 “Pre-Season Pep Rally with How to and Practical Ideas” delivered by the BCLCA board of directors.  The board covered topics of online reservations systems such as Campspot, the use of rates and dynamic pricing; cabin renovations how to and permits required; pace of bookings and where visitors are coming from.  Roundtable discussion also took place on EV charging stations and other items.


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