Hudson’s Hope Receives Funding for ATV Campground Development at Dinosaur Lake

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The District of Hudson’s Hope in British Columbia (Canada) has announced that it is set to receive CA$125,000 from the BC South Peace Mackenzie Economic Diversification and Stabilization Trust to complete the third phase of its ATV campground development at Dinosaur Lake. 

As per a report, the funding will be used to add amenities to the south wing of the campground, including services, picnic benches, signage, and garbage bins.

According to Mayor Dave Heiberg, the Hudson’s Hope community is grateful for the financial support provided by the Trust towards the completion of Phase III of the Dinosaur Lake ATV Campground. 

The campground opened last summer and has already been a popular destination for ATV enthusiasts.

The Trust was established last year to support economic development, diversification, and stabilization in areas affected by the recovery of the Southern Mountain Caribou herds. This funding will not only benefit the local community but will also have a positive impact on private campground owners or operators in British Columbia.

With the increasing popularity of ATV camping, this funding presents a significant opportunity for private campground owners or operators to capitalize on this trend.

The funding provided to the District of Hudson’s Hope for the completion of Phase III of the Dinosaur Lake ATV Campground presents an opportunity for private campground owners or operators in British Columbia to improve their facilities and attract more visitors. 

As per its website, the Dinosaur Lake ATV Campground offers an exciting adventure spot for those who love exploring the great outdoors. Located just 7 km (4 miles) south of Hudson’s Hope, the campground is off Hwy. 29, just before Dinosaur Lake. With its rustic charm, this campground offers access to various ATV trails and Crown Land.

The campground offers thirteen dry sites, ten single sites, and three double sites. Visitors will find outhouses, fire pits, and access to ATV trails, hiking, and even allows pets on a leash. 

Visitors can rest assured that they will have a unique and unforgettable experience at the Dinosaur Lake ATV Campground. Whether you want to spend the day hiking, boating, or fishing, this campground has everything you need to make the most of your stay. 

Featured image from Dinosaur Lake ATV Campground

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