Groundwater Licensing Application Due Next Month, BCLCA Reminds

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British Columbia Lodging and Campgrounds Association (BCLCA) reminded people using and diverting groundwater for non-domestic purposes to obtain a water license and pay water charges under the Water Sustainability Act (WSA).

According to the Water Sustainability Act, those who use groundwater wells for non-domestic use must obtain the water license or use approval and pay rent and fees. However, homeowners with wells do not have to pay the licensing requirements and costs.

By securing a water license, groundwater users will be enrolled in the water licensing system and receive a water right, and a date of precedence, similar to surface water licensees have.

The legislation recognizes that groundwater and surface water are connected; licensing groundwater allows the province to understand the resources accurately. This helps the province better manage water and safeguard the rights of licensed water users.

Those who don’t have a water license for groundwater use and are existing commercial customers on or before February 29, 2016, must submit their application until March 1, 2022.

For more information, download the Licensing Groundwater in B.C. here

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