B.C. Resident? Spend Your Vacation Days in the Province, No Plane Tickets Needed

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Over the years, using up vacation days has been a challenge for some, however, people in British Columbia (Canada) are finding new ways to enjoy their vacations.

From cabin rentals to days exploring your hometown, it’s evident that you don’t require an airplane ticket to enjoy an enjoyable vacation.

A Vancouver netizen posed a question a lot of people have been thinking about over the years, “any ideas of what people have used their vacation days on in the current environment right now?”

Fortunately, there are plenty of options that don’t need you to take a flight. If you’re in B.C., there’s no reason for you not to enjoy your well-deserved vacation this year!

One netizen answered and mentioned that they like to find a pet-friendly cabin rental somewhere and do nothing but relax. Take the dog for a walk, watch nature, cook, knit, and destress.

If you’re looking for options to unplug and relax, there are several outdoor recreation opportunities across B.C.

Pacific Rim National Park Reserve has recently opened reservations for overnight camping. 

If a relaxed and family-friendly vacation is what you’re looking for, Porpoise Bay Provincial Park permits you to set up your camp, stroll towards the beach and stay there throughout the week.

E.C. Manning Provincial Park has a new campground available all year round.

The Skyview Campground offers 62 sites during the winter months, and another 30 sites will be available during the summer.

Each site has access to water and 50-amp power and sewer, making it the first fully-serviced campground for B.C. Parks.

For more information on the perfect place to spend your vacations, visit https://www.pc.gc.ca/en/index

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