Why Join BCLCA?

Why Join the British Columbia
Lodging and Campgrounds Association

Representation | Networking | Supplier and Vendor Benefits

The British Columbia Lodging and Campgrounds Association provides members with the services and support that RV Parks and Campgrounds need to be successful while helping to promote the growth and development of the RV and Camping Industry in British Columbia. This is accomplished through Member promotion, exclusive cost-saving programs, legislative advocacy and Industry representation with Federal and Provincial governments.

By uniting British Columbia Private Lodging and Campgrounds Owners with its Industry Partners RVDA of Canada, Canadian Recreational Vehicle Association and Go RVing Canada, we are able to work together to grow the industry and secure the future success of our members.

British Columbia Lodging and Campgrounds Association encourages and promotes high operational standards, exceptional customer service and quality outdoor vacation and accommodation experiences.

Member Benefits:

  • Advocating camping, RVing and lodging issues and concerns to the Provincial Government and addressing Federal Government on national issues.
  • Monitoring Industry Trends, Regulations & Standards and talking on behalf of the sector and individual operators.
  • Marketing 365 days 24/7 via online and print channels that target consumers looking for places to camp, RV, glamp and stay is a main priority of the BC Lodging and Campgrounds Association.
  • Co-op marketing such as Super Camping/Select Lodging Guide and App. Web profile on www.travel-british-columbia.com and www.campingrvbc.com.
  • Networking with your peers at the annual Ideas Forum, a place where keynote presenters bring their knowledge and share information on trends and issues facing your business.
  • Virtual learning at webinars and townhalls throughout the year giving you access to the board and other operators to talk about common issues and concerns.
  • The Dogwood Express is published electronically every two weeks, or as required, keeping BC Lodging and Campgrounds Association members and subscribers up to date on important and timely issues, and member events.
  • Member Cost-Saving Benefits - savings and solutions designed for the smaller independent operator such as Propane, Competitive Insurance Rates, merchant Credit Card program and maintenance Supplies, Paints and Hospitality Supplies.
  • Automatic membership and access to national benefits with the Canadian Camping & RV Council representing campground owners across Canada.


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